Benefits of an ELN

Electronic lab books: Tool for the creation and documentation of research data - the advantages at a glance

Boost efficiency of everyday tasks:

  • Create, reuse and share templates for logs, processes and workflows
  • Save time by taking advantage of standardisation
  • Use search features and filters
  • Log measurement results automatically
  • Lab notebooks can be accessed from anywhere and at any time

Make research findings traceable and verifiable:

  • Avoid switching between multiple media (e.g. between handwritten and digital entries)
  • Avoid the loss of information caused by illegible entries
  • Structure and visualise processes and workflows
  • Use search and filter functions
  • Easily create backups
  • Version control and authenticating evidence
  • Boost quality of data through improved consistency and standardisation of entries

Provide a means of preparing research data for publication and digital preservation

  • Support in creating metadata
  • Direct links to research data repositories, data services and publishing platforms

Connected digital research environment:

  • Import and export functions
  • Seamless interfaces to other programs
  • API for integration into existing software environment
  • Measuring instruments can deliver their data directly to the electronic lab notebook
  • Collaboration through sharing research data, process logs, workflows
  • Enables researchers to take their research work with them if they move to a different institute


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Birte Lindstädt
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Beatrix Adam,

Beatrix Adam

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ZB MED-Videopodcast on ELNs (in German, English subtitles provided)

Screencasts on ELNs (in German, English subtitles provided)

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