Publishing in the Repository for Life Sciences – information for authors and institutions

For a publication in PUBLISSO – Repository for Life Sciences at least one of the following requirements should be met:

  • The publication has an appropriate open-access license (e.g. a Creative Commons license).
  • The publisher has granted green open access rights that permit the publication to be self-archived in a subject repository.
  • The author has signed a usage agreement for one or more publications.
  • The publishing institution has signed, in consultation with their authors, a general usage agreement.

Following types of work may be deposited:

A user agreement ("Nutzungsvereinbarung") is not required if your publication already has an Open Access license. Otherwise, we require a signed user agreement, which you please send to us scanned as an e-mail attachment.

You can also send us your files in text format (preferably PDF-A), image or video format (e.g. JPG, MP4) as an e-mail attachment or provide them on a data carrier (CD, DVD, USB stick). For other formats, please inquire.
If your work is already stored on the website of a scientific institution, a corresponding link is sufficient. In this case we do not need an additional file.

We will record the descriptive metadata and upload the file for you. For each electronic document, a persistent identifier - a DOI - is assigned, which guarantees unique and permanent access to the publication and thus its scientific citation.

Please contact us for more information and read our FAQs and guidelines.
If you have further questions about publishing, our publishing experts will be happy to help you.

General usage agreement