Digital preservation

Aims of digital preservation

Digital preservation’s main focus is preservation and reusability of digital objects and information.

Data, files and information on the internet are short-lived: they are quite easily lost, software for rendering of files may not be available, the file is corrupted or essential context information is missing. Digital preservation’s aims are preparing for these risks and keeping information available and usable for its target group.

Responsibilities at ZB MED

Digital Preservation at ZB MED keeps publications and data accessible and usable for life sciences in the long term. As a part of the program area Open Science it supports ensuring access to Open Access publications and research data. In accordance with Open Science principles these are published via ZB MED’s platforms:

  • PUBLISSO – Platform Gold for Journals, Living Handbooks and more publication possibilities
  • PUBLISSO – Specialist Repository For Life Sciences for secondary publications, research data and more publication possibilities

The digital preservation archive itself is a “dark archive”. Accordingly, access from outside of ZB MED is not possible, therefore content is protected from unauthorized access.

During data generation and publication, digital preservation is alredy an issue. It should be taken into account during data generation and preperation of publication, but at the latest during the actual publication process. If rights information is missing or files are submitted exclusively in proprietary formats, preservation possibilities are significantly limited. Use of open and standardized formats is recommended for all kinds of publication.

In order to meet various challenges related to digital preservation, the digital archive at ZB MED adheres to its Preservation Policy, uses internationally recognized standards, works closely with the research data management group as well as cooperates with national and international partners.

The Digital Preservation team is happy to field questions regarding digital preservation.

Strategic digital preservation at ZB MED

The digital archive addresses challenges regarding Open Science, has an instructional Preservation Policy, uses the digital preservation system “Rosetta” and follows international standards of the community.

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Preservation planning and action

The archive deals with organisational and technical risks for objects using comprehensive preservation action

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Metadata in digital preservation

High-quality metadata ensures findability and preservation of objects in the archive, as well as their reusability

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ZB MED develops lasting concepts for digital preservation in close cooperation with various partners and as part of several international networks.

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Dr. Katharina Markus
Digital Preservation

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Core Trust Seal

Das digital preservation archive at ZB MED is certified with the CoreTrustSeal. To the documentation.