LeibnizOpen is the central open access portal run by the Leibniz Association. If you work at a Leibniz institute from section C (Life Sciences) or E (Environmental Sciences) and would like to make your publications available through LeibnizOpen, then please get in touch. (E-mail)

There are two ways of incorporating your documents in LeibnizOpen.
The first option is to use our repository to upload your publications. In this case your institute is responsible for uploading the publications, entering the metadata, and clarifying any copyright issues. We will then verify the quality of the metadata and full texts, release them for publication, and deal with the technical issues involved in forwarding them to LeibnizOpen.

Alternatively, you can manage your institute's open access publications through your own repository. In this case, you can incorporate the metadata into LeibnizOpen using an OAI interface. We can help you make the necessary modifications.


Prof. Dr. Ursula Arning,

Prof. Dr. Ursula Arning
Head of Open Science

Phone: +49 (0)221 478-5603
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Lara Schruff
LeibnizOpen/SpringerOpen Prepay Membership

Phone: +49 (0)221 478-7090
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