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Friday, 14.07.2023

DFG Senate Commission presents MAK and BAT Values List 2023.

The publications are made available Open Access on the PUBLISSO platform.

The MAK and BAT Values List contains recommendations for the Maximum Workplace Concentration (MAK) of agents and the current Biological Agent Tolerance Values (BAT). The latter indicate the concentrations to which a person may be exposed throughout his or her working life without causing damage to health: from acetone to tin, from wood or metal dusts to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This is a topic that concerns all those who have to work with such substances themselves or, for example, medical professionals who care for people who are or have been exposed to such substances.

The Commission updates the list every year. Since 2020, it has been published on the PUBLISSO platform, ZB MED's open access publication portal. This year, for the first time, ZB MED took over the layout of the lists of values, with semi-automated workflows already in use.

To the current edition of the MAK and BAT values list
To the DFG press release (in German)