Networking and policy shaping

Our offer for partners

Cooperative ventures and partnerships are a key component of the networking process.
We are always looking for new partners and cooperations. Please contact us, if you are currently developing a project in the field of life sciences or open science, which you would like to realise with us.

Current cooperations and memberships

In the field of open access, PUBLISSO collaborates with:
TH Köln
UCL Cologne
GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences

In the field of publishing in life sciences, PUBLISSO collaborates with:
BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices)
Die Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina – Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften
Verlag Barbara Budrich
TU Dortmund University
DINI e.V. (German only)

In the field of research data, PUBLISSO collaborates with:
German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)
FDM.NRW (German only)

In the field of digital long-term preservation, PUBLISSO collaborates with:
TIB - Leibniz-Information Centre for Science and Technology University Library
ZBW - Leibniz-Information Centre for Economics
Open Preservation Foundation (OPF)

Committees and Working Groups

Members of the PUBLISSO team are currently represented on the following committees and working groups with the aim of helping to shape government policy and integrate the latest developments in its own services.
Leibniz Association: LeibnizOpen
nestor/DINI Working Group "Research data" (German only)
nestor Working Group "Documenting digital preservation" (German only)
nestor Working Group "Format recognition" (German only)
nestor Working Group "SIP specification" (German only)
nestor Coordination Group
Rosetta User Group (RUG)
EOSC Future User Group
NFDI Section "EduTrain – Training and Education"; Working Group „Certificate Infrastructure“
NFDI Section "Common Infrastructures"; Working Group „Data Management Planning“
IFLA Academic and Research Libraries Section
IFLA Library Publishing Special Interest Group
IFLA Open Access Working Party
AG Universitätsverlage (German only) (German only)
DINI E-PUB Working Group (German only)
DINI Human Ressources Working Group (German only) - Digital focus groups:
Open Access Helpdesks
Information Budget
Subject Repositories




Prof. Dr. Ursula Arning,

Prof. Dr. Ursula Arning

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Birte Lindst├Ądt,

Birte Lindst├Ądt
Head of Research Data Management

Phone: +49 (0)221 478-97803
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