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PUBLISSO is an open access publishing portal for life sciences run by ZB MED, Europe's largest information centre and literature provider in the field of life sciences. It is aimed at all researchers in life sciences disciplines who would like to make the content of their work freely accessible. PUBLISSO also offers free advice and workshops on issues relating to open access and digital publishing. These services are aimed not only at researchers, but also librarians and anyone else involved in promoting open access.

ZB MED is committed to promoting the principles of open access in the life sciences arena. As a not-for-profit institution, it is able to offer a range of publishing services as an alternative to standard forms of commercial publishing.

Based on the principle of drawing on real-life experience to offer useful services, PUBLISSO products have been developed to address the specific needs of scientists and researchers. ZB MED continuously draws on knowledge from the full range of life sciences communities while simultaneously feeding knowledge back into those communities. Its goal is to create the right mix of expertise to develop cutting-edge technical solutions which meet users' real-life needs.

ZB MED has been actively involved in promoting open access since 2003. 

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PUBLISSO – Publish open access with ZB MED: leaflet
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Living Handbooks – Up-To-Date Multimedia Handbooks: leaflet
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Advice on Open Access Publishing from ZB MED: leaflet
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ZB MED – for all your DOI registration needs: leaflet
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German Medical Science – Open Access Publishing Platform for Medical Science: leaflet
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Research Data in the Life Sciences – How ZB MED Can Help: leaflet
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PUBLISSO Specialist Repository for Life Sciences - The place to publish scholarly texts and research data: leaflet
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Prof. Dr. Ursula Arning

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Birte Lindst├Ądt
Head of Research Data Management

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Dr. Jasmin Schmitz
Head of Advisory Services

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