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Living Handbooks is an open access publishing platform run by ZB MED in collaboration with GMS gGmbH. It enables authors to publish scientific handbooks under the open access model. The goal is to provide access to up-to-date scientific information by drawing on the worldwide cooperation of experts in each specific discipline. The 'living' nature of the handbooks allows authors to add and update their contributions at any time (versioning). The quality of the texts is guaranteed by experts through the peer review process, and the content is brought to life by images, research data, audio and video files.

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Are you interested in publishing a new handbook in the field of life sciences?

We would be glad to help you prepare a new Living Handbook, so please get in touch.

Would you like to add your own contribution to an existing handbook?

Send us an e-mail telling us about yourself (affiliations) and specifying which handbook you would like to contribute to. The editorial board will get in touch with you.

Please also read the manuscript guidelines for the relevant book as well as our general terms and conditions.

Would you like to create an open access version of a book that has already been published, a report, or a thesis which has already appeared in print form?

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