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Thursday, 06.04.2023

Mobile phones for bees, bumblebees & co.

NABU collection box in the foyer of ZB MED in Cologne

With its collection box, ZB MED supports the "Mobile Phones for Bumblebees, Bees & Co" project of the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU). NABU is committed to improving the recycling of mobile phones in order to protect the environment and conserve resources. The organisation is working with the Telefónica Deutschland Group, which is donating a fixed amount for each mobile phone collected. This donation goes directly into the NABU Insect Protection Fund. 

All types of mobile phones, smartphones or tablets can be handed in, as well as accessories such as power supplies, charging cables, batteries and headsets. Both working and broken devices will be accepted. If the battery holder is damaged, it must be secured with sufficient tape to prevent the batteries from falling in the box.

You can drop off your equipment at the box during library opening hours. It can be found at the loan desk in the lobby of ZB MED in Cologne.

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