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Tuesday, 02.05.2023

Data Steward: A job description as diverse as the fields of application

Final report of a BMBF-funded study by USB Cologne and ZB MED now available (in German)

The report describes five different prototypical profiles of data stewards:

  • Data stewards as generalists
  • Data stewards advising on general research data management
  • Disciplinary data stewards
  • Data stewards as coordinators
  • Information infrastructure-related data stewards

On the one hand, the report outlines the required competencies for each profile, and on the other, possible training paths. The suggestions serve as concrete decision-making aids for institutions wishing to implement data stewardship.

The last part of the report formulates recommendations for political decision-makers and funding institutions as well as for training providers to qualify data stewards.

In the video interview, Dr Jens Dierkes (USB Cologne), Fabian Hoffmann (USB Cologne) and Dr Eva Seidlmayer (ZB MED) from the project team explain the newly developed modular system and provide insights into the project work.



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