Policies on self-archiving: where can I find information on journals issued by different publishers?

The Sherpa Romeo database contains information on publishers’ policies in regard to self-archiving, especially in relation to which version of an article may be used and the embargo period.

Users can search by journal title or publisher name. However, the database only contains information on each publisher's general policies. In some cases the actual author agreement may deviate from the details that appear in the Sherpa Romeo database or may be changed through the instigation of authors. 

The database is compiled and maintained on a collaborative basis by different organisations. The information it contains, which is taken from the publishers' websites, is designed to provide guidance but should not be relied upon for legal advice.

You can find out more by consulting the copyright policies and information for authors provided by individual journals. Even these policies, however, only provide a summary of the permissions that are normally granted. The only binding provisions are those that appear in the author agreement.

Whenever a publication is self-archived, reference must be made to the original publication and where it was published (i.e. by providing the bibliographic data). 

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