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The PUBLISSO video platform is run by ZB MED in cooperation with academics and researchers from various fields of life sciences. The platform enables users to publish and discuss video films. It also offers the option to add your own comments to film sequences which can then also be subjected to peer review. The idea is that this should encourage a process of communication within the scientific community.

The current pilot project eyeMoviePedia was initiated by Professor Kirchhof from the Centre of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital of Cologne and expanded in collaboration with ZB MED. eyeMoviePedia is a portal that allows eye surgeons to publish videos of surgical procedures in the field of ophthalmology and present them to a wider audience for discussion. The videos are edited and peer-reviewed by experts in subspecialities of ophthalmology.

If you are interested in the project and would like to establish your own video portal for a subject area in the field of life sciences, please get in touch.


Ursula Arning,

Dr. Ursula Arning
Head of Open Access Publishing-Digital Long-Term Archiving-Research Data

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