Sources of funding for open access publishing fees

Lucia, a researcher in irrigation technologies has just started her first project, wonders about publishing the results “open access”. Consulting the librarian of her institution, he learns about the numerous ways of financing her first open access publication.

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Video tutorials DOI service

Robert, a dental researcher, learns that far more research data formats than publications can be assigned DOIs. But who assigns them in the field of Life Sciences in Germany, and how does he have to proceed?

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1: DOI registration with ZB MED

2: DOI registration by research institutes

Video tutorials publication of research data with GMS and DRYAD

Gerhard, a nutritional scientist, wants to publish his research results and the research data in an open access format. But how does he proceed?


Repository for Life Sciences

Additionally, all tutorials are deposited in our Repository for Life Sciences in a handicapped accessible format and described with metadata.

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Table of video tutorials dealing with open access and open data

Video tutorials can be used to visualize complex issues. ZB MED compiled a list of video tutorials dealing with open access and open data issues.

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